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OLD Project No. 24411 - Replace Blue Light Poles Lakeshore Drive
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OLD Project No. 24411 - Replace Blue Light Poles Lakeshore Drive

October 15, 2018

INVITATION TO BID Sealed proposals will be received by the Orleans Levee District, 6920 Franklin Avenue, Administration Building, New Orleans, Louisiana 70122 or send electronic proposal to http://www. until 2:00 p.m., November 09, 2018 opened and publicly read aloud for: OLD PROJECT NO. 24411 Replace Blue Light Poles Lakeshore Drive New Orleans, LA Bids received after the above specified time will not be considered. The project titled "Replace Blue Light Poles" is located along Lakeshore Drive (between West End and Shelter No. 1). It involves removal and replacement of double arm blue light poles with new single and double arm blue light poles, modification or replacement of concrete pedestals, electrical work including installation of electrical conduits and electrical hand boxes, con- nections, directional drilling, excavation and backfill, replacement of brick and concrete pavement, debris disposal including light poles, and traffic control. Pursuant to LSA-R.S. 37:2163, sets of complete Bidding Docu- ments are available to licensed contractors and others for review at the office of the Engineer at address below AECOM Technical Services, Inc. 1515 Poydras Street, Suite 2700 New Orleans, Louisiana 70112 Telephone: (504) 586-8111 Fax: (504) 522-0554 The bid documents for this project are also posted on To view, download, and receive bid notices/ updates by email, prospective bidders will have to register with Central Auction House (www.cen Bidders will have the option to submit their bids and bid bonds electronically or by paper copy. If a bid is submitted electronically, bidder shall enclose a copy of their proposal guaranty (bid bond, certified check, or cashier's check) with the electronic sub- mission. The original proposal guaranty shall be delivered to the Owner within 48 hrs of bid opening. Bidding Documents may be ob- tained at the office of the Engineer until 24 hours prior to Bid opening upon payment of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) in certified check, com- pany or cashier's check payable to the Engineering firm. In accordance with R.S. 38:2212 A(1)(e), deposits on the first set of documents furnished bona fide prime bidders will be fully refunded upon return of the documents in good condition, no later than ten (10) calendar days after receipt of bids. All sets furnished to subcontractors and suppliers will be non-refundable. Good condition is defined as free of all pencil, pen, highlighter, and other marks, free of significant tears, and free of missing sheets or pages. Partial sets of documents will not be issued. Bidders are invited to attend a Pre-Bid Conference at 10:00 a.m. on October 30, 2018 in the Con- ference Room located in Franklin Avenue Administration Building at 6920 Franklin Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70122. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids for just cause. In accordance with LA. R. S. 38:2212 (A) (1) (b), the provisions and requirements of this Section, those stated in the advertisement for bids, and those required on the bid form shall not be considered as informalities and shall not be waived by any public entity. Bids must be submitted on forms provided by the Owner. Envelopes containing bids and bid guarantee must be sealed, marked with the project name and with the Contractor's name as it appears on the License and Louisiana Contractor's license number. All bids must be accompanied by bid security equal to five (5%) of the sum of the base bid and all alternates, and must be in the form of a certified check, cashier's check or Bid Bond Form written by a surety company licensed to do business in Louisiana, signed by the surety's agency or attorney-in-fact. Surety must be listed on the current U.S. Department of the Treasury Fin- ancial Management Service list of approved bonding companies as approved for an amount equal to or greater than the amount for which it obligates itself in the Bond, or must be a Louisiana domiciled insurance company with at least an A - rating in the latest printing of the A.M. 2017. Best's Key Rating Guide. If surety qualified by virtue of its Best's listing, the amount of the Bond may not exceed ten percent of policyholders' surplus as shown in the latest A.M. Best's Key Rating Guide. The Bid Bond shall be in favor of the Orleans Levee District and shall be accompanied by appro- priate power of attorney. No Bid Bond indicating an obligation of less than five (5%) by any method is acceptable. Bids shall be accepted from Contractor's who are licensed under LA. R. S. 37:2150-2163 for the classification of heavy construction and municipal, public works construction. Bidder is required to comply with provisions and requirements of LA. R.S.38:2212. Bids may be withdrawn by the bidder due to errors if done within 48 hours of bid opening by affidavit in accordance with LA. R. S. 38:2214. Other documentation not provid- ed with the bid, but that is required by LA R.S. 38:2212, the owner, or the specifications, must be furnished by the low bidder within ten (10) calendar days after the bid opening. Such documentation shall be supplied as originals (no copies). Failure to provide this information and documentation with in ten (10) calendar days after bid opening will be grounds for disqualification on grounds that the bidder is not a "responsible bidder". This informa- tion and documentation includes, but is not limited to, the non- collusion affidavit, no conviction affidavit, and employment verifica- tion affidavit. However, the pay- ment and performance bond must be supplied upon contract signing. Note that, although these instruc- tions list specific items that are required, it is solely the bidder's responsibility to stay abreast of changes in public bid law and to ensure compliance with LA R.S. 38:2212 and all other statues related to public bid law. The successful Bidder shall be required to furnish a Performance and Payment Bond written by a company licensed to do business in Louisiana, in an amount equal to 100% of the Contract amount. Surety must be listed currently on the U. S. Department of Treasury Financial Management Service List (Treasury List) as approved for an amount equal to or greater than the contract amount, or must be an insurance company domiciled in Louisiana or owned by Louisiana residents. If surety is qualified other than by listing on the Treasury list, the contract amount may not exceed fifteen percent of policyholders' surplus as shown by surety's most recent financial statements filed with the Louisiana Department of Insurance and may not exceed the amount of $500,000. However, a Louisiana domiciled insurance com- pany with at least an A - rating in the latest printing of the A.M. Best's Key Rating Guide shall not be subject to the $500,000 limitation, provided that the contract amount does not exceed ten percent of policyholders' surplus as shown in the latest A.M. Best's Key Rating Guide nor fifteen percent of policyholders' surplus as shown by surety's most recent financial statements filed with the Louisiana Department of Insurance. The Bond shall be signed by the Surety's agent or Attorney-in-fact. The Orleans Levee District en- courages, to the extent feasible, participation by minority and woman-owned businesses in all bids and proposals for goods and services. It also encourages the structuring of major projects into categories which may be commensurate with the capabilities of Disadvantaged Business Enter- prises, and actively encourages major prime contractors to provide opportunities for these businesses to become involved as subcontractors. October 15, 2018

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